Are Managed IT Services Right For You?

Are Managed IT Services Right For You?

The online space is booming, with rapid increases in businesses going digital, and the kinds of digital functionality businesses want.

Even something as simple as shopping for groceries, where the physical side of business was taken for granted, has now shifted to a dramatically more digital approach.

All of this digitisation can cause problems for businesses, network costs, congestion, integration, just to name a few. So, would managed IT services be right for you and what kind of benefits could you achieve?

Improving Managed IT Functions and Efficiencies 

One of the biggest challenges in trying to keep up with the digital arms race is how much things keep constantly improving!

While things, as they continue to progress – obviously benefits everyone, it means the technology or IT side of the business needs to be working towards improving their functions and efficiency.

This means around-the-clock work and Managed IT services can help keep this improvement constantly available behind the scenes.

Why a Single Point of Contact is Critical for IT Support

Businesses already have to manage countless amounts of data, contacts, and finances. With an increasingly complex system this can lead to an overwhelming amount of management required just to keep things running.

Even simple appliances like fridges and watches are becoming “smart devices” and require some form of IT integration and maintenance.

Add to this the mandated digitisation that businesses are facing as a result of COVID, such as QR code and vaccine check-ins, and the touchpoints  in your businesses’ network soon seem quite complex.

When outsourcing to Managed IT Services, however, things like costs, support and partnerships can all be found in the same place.

Keys to Business IT Scalability

On-site and in-house IT staff undeniably have their own advantages. However, one point of the business journey where their limitations become evident is during expansion and growth.

New locations means new services, new digital tools, and new hardware & networks, and often results in new IT teams.

This can often be a hitch for expanding business and can often come back to bite businesses that don’t strategically plan accordingly.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Managed IT Services

While some businesses have managed to succeed with their digital and IT ventures, a lot of them have not. Even more businesses have IT systems that serve them “ok” and don’t set them behind, but don’t give them an edge either.

Managed IT systems can give your business all the benefits of an expert IT system to set yourself out from the crowd. Managed IT Services often means fewer errors, more efficiency and lower costs.

Providing your business with a strong IT foundation can significantly pay off in the future.

Access to IT Experts EIT Solutions

Access to IT Experts in the Field

Managed IT Services staff are exactly that. IT staff. They are experts in their field and are far better equipped to deal with issues and opportunities than most “IT guys”.

While “turning it off and on again” does fix a surprising amount of issues, Managed IT Services staff go a lot further and also have knowledge of best practice in important areas such as security, cloud migrations and support.

The last thing you want is your IT staff having passwords like “1234” or clicking suspicious links claiming they’ve won the lottery. Managed IT Services staff ensure that the work they do and the networks they manage are as secure as possible.

While there is still certainly a place for in-house and on-site IT staff, outsourcing the burden and costs of technology can greatly benefit your business.

Whether you’re yet to fully embrace the digital side of business, or already have established and working systems, Managed IT Services can be beneficial.

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