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Cloud hosting solutions

Whether you need to migrate to the cloud or need to implement a hybrid cloud solution, we can help you access, plan and implement your cloud migration project through a wide range of cloud solutions.
Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting enables your business to access all its websites and applications through cloud resources. Instead of having your applications and websites on an on-site server you have to manage, we’ll host them on our network of servers on the cloud. This gives you greater flexibility and the ability to scale when your business needs it, while only paying for what you actually use.

Cloud Migration

Migration to the cloud is the process of moving all of your software, data, and applications onto the cloud. Cloud migration involves moving all your digital assets from your old servers to a new network of servers on the cloud. Every business’s transition to the cloud looks a little different but we’ll work with you to tailor the best solution for you and your business.

Cloud Services Management

Cloud management is how we ensure that all your cloud products and services whether they’re hosted on a private, public, or hybrid cloud solution are running at optimal efficiency. We ensure that there’s a well planned management process implemented together with our cutting edge technology to maintain business efficiency and reduce your costs.

Why choose us for cloud services?

We have over 20 years working in all areas of cloud services – from migrating, configuring existing, and setting up complete enterprise-level instances. Our process is seamless and easy, we take care of all the hard stuff, so you don’t have to. We also have competitive pricing, saving you on average 40% compared to equivalent Azure or AWS instances.

Why do you need a cloud solution?

Say goodbye to costly hardware and software

Save on expensive software licensing fees, hardware maintenance and 24/7 IT staff to maintain your system.

Enhance data security and resilience

Protect your system from cyber attacks and data breaches with solid security at data centres equipped with specialised networks and backups.

Go remote – Work from anywhere

Whether your team is working in the office or at home, they’ll have access to all the apps, data and systems they need from any device.

Computing power when you need it

Quickly scale up your cloud capacity when you need the power. Scale down when you don’t.

What is the cloud?

Cloud services refer to the on-demand delivery of IT resources whenever you need it and wherever you are. Instead of having all the hardware on-site, your IT system is managed and maintained off-site by a trusted provider like EIT Solutions.

How can our cloud services help your business?

Scales to your needs

Have seasonal demands or sudden spikes in traffic? Traditional hosting models struggle with this as they are limited by the hardware available on-site. With cloud hosting, you'll always have the power you need, when you need it.

Only pay for what You Use

Tired of traditional hosting where you have to pay an expensive fixed rate, even if you don't use all the computing power? With the cloud, you only have to pay for the computing power that you actually use.

Virtually zero downtime

Experience virtually zero down time because your data and applications are hosted on a vast network of servers. If one server goes down, then our network of servers can easily take over and ensure that your business doesn't have to slow down.

Fully customisable solutions

After an extensive audit, our experts will tailor a solution for you that will suit your exact business needs. Whether that's hybrid cloud, private or public cloud, we'll have the right cloud solution for you.

Trusted cloud partners

We partner with major cloud hardware and software providers such as HP and Cisco to provide the best cloud experience with top of the range technology.


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