Cyber Network Security

Prepare today – secure tomorrow

Why do you need it?

Worried about the rise in cyber threats in today’s world?

At EIT Solutions our experts use the latest technology to protect your network from malicious threats before they become an issue.

We partner with reputable cybersecurity companies such as Checkpoint to provide you with the most comprehensive protection possible.

How can our Cyber Network Security services help your business?

Next gen firewalls

We only use the latest firewall technology, to protect your digital assets from online attacks and unauthorised access. Together with full integration into our cyber security solution, your data is safe with us.

Cloud access security

It’s essential that your company can tap into the power of the cloud without worrying about security issues. With our high-tech cloud security every data point and activity on your network is secure.

Security and performance testing

Want to make sure your network is ready for tomorrow’s cyber threats? We can test it by simulating realistic traffic volumes as well as threat and attack scenarios. This allows us to discover and patch vulnerabilities before they compromise your business.

End-point protection

We believe that prevention is the best protection when it comes to cyber security. With our advanced software, most threats are automatically detected and neutralised before they comprise your network.

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3. Discussion

In the meeting we’ll answer any questions you might have and discuss how we can best tailor the solution to meet your needs.


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