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Your network is the framework of your IT infrastructure. That’s why it’s essential to get it right the first time. We help you design, implement and manage your network as well as secure it against cyber threats.

How can we help?

Site Survey

To get you started on the right track we do a thorough site survey to assess your current infrastructure, including network architecture and equipment configuration. This allows us to suggest the right wireless network solution for your business.

Hardware Selection

We help you choose the best hardware for your IT system including routers, switches cabinets to maximise network connectivity. Choosing the right hardware is essential as every business has different needs and requires a custom hardware solution.

Hardware configuration

Hardware configuration involves optimising IT hardware performance by adjusting and fine tuning settings. This can include adjusting devices such as modems, switches and accessible memory. Getting this right, ensures that your network is running at top speed.

Why choose us for Network Design?

Because we’ve been making sure that businesses have the best tailored solutions for their IT networks for 20 years all with a smile on our faces.

Why do you need it?

Get the foundation of your IT systems right – accelerate your business

Your network is the foundation of your IT systems and essential for future growth. You can have the best services, but without the right network design you won’t be able to access them quickly and efficiently.

Connecting you to the power of the cloud

If your business relies on cloud services, a speedy network connection is essential to accessing the power that you need when you need it. A slow or inconsistent connection means that you are not maximising the potential of your cloud services.

Multi-site integration – your network is only as strong as its weakest link

A common issue that multi-site networks have is that resources are focused on the primary site, while remote sites are overlooked. This makes accessing essential data slow and inefficient for them. We ensure that all your sites are integrated to maximise the efficiency of your network.

What does implementation involve?

Every single network is different, but generally starts with us gathering network diagrams and any documentation available. Then we will perform an on-site discovery session where we gather configurations and run connectivity/speed tests. With most networks, it’s quite easy to identify design issues and bottlenecks. This information can then be put into a proposal outlining the steps required to upgrade/repair the network, taking into account the need for uptime and minimal disruption to your business.

What is it?

Network design determines how quickly and efficiently you access your information – this could be local site connectivity (switches & routers), internet connections, WAN connections between a multi-site organisation, data centre-to-client access, and communication between your web services eg. office 365.

So what’s next?

This depends on the service – private cloud requires a pretty standard procedure of preparing the local networks and WAN connections to the datacenter, picking the servers up and moving them to the private instance. Then rebuilding the servers one-by-one to bring them up to date, harden the security, and configure them to run faster and more efficiently.

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3. Discussion

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