Proactive security –
Stay ahead of the latest cyber threats

In this day and age, cyber security is more essential than ever for your business. At EIT we’re always one step ahead of cyber threats so that you don’t have to worry.

How can we help?

Cyber Network Security

At EIT Solutions our experts use the latest technology to protect your network from malicious threats before they become an issue. We partner with reputable cybersecurity companies such as Checkpoint to provide the most comprehensive solutions possible.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing assesses your business’ ability to protect it’s software, applications and users against potential threats. During our testing we look for vulnerabilities in the network, misconfigurations, and even risky end-user behaviours that hackers could potentially exploit.

Cyber Incident Management

We help you establish a thorough Cyber Incident Management plan, so that if the worst happens you’ll be prepared to quickly and effectively respond. Our cyber security experts will help you every step of the way to respond and recover from cyber incidents.

Why choose us for Cyber Security?

Experience and cost effectiveness – With 20 years of experience in managing cyber threats, we can identify issues proactively, instead of trying to fix the problem after your systems are breached.

Why do you need it?

Enterprise level expertise without the cost

Save on expensive software licensing fees, hardware maintenance and 24/7 IT staff to maintain your system.

24/7 Protection against cyber threats

Protect your system from cyber attacks and data breaches with solid security at data centres equipped with specialised networks and backups.

If it’s is connected it’s protected

Whether your team is working in the office or at home, they’ll have access to all the apps, data and systems they need from any device.

What does implementation involve?

Every situation is different, but in general it begins with auditing your systems – finding out which services you use, where your data is stored, and which avenues can be used to access that data eg: email or local server file shares. Then we create a plan to secure that data against attack and data loss (most important but also most overlooked).

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the protection of your data and your clients’ data against both local and remote digital threats.






Access Control

End-user Education

Disaster Recovery

So what’s next?

This depends on the service – private cloud requires a pretty standard procedure of preparing the local networks and WAN connections to the datacenter, picking the servers up and moving them to the private instance. Then rebuilding the servers one-by-one to bring them up to date, harden the security, and configure them to run faster and more efficiently.

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