Network Site Survey

Take the first step in building your network foundation

Why do you need it?

Ready to build or upgrade your network to ensure long term performance?

To get you started on the right track we do a thorough wireless network site survey to assess your network architecture, floor plans and equipment configuration.

This allows us to suggest a tailored wireless solution for your business.

How can a network site survey help your business?

Identify problem areas

Often common building features such as poles, thick walls and even temperature fluctuations can cause wi-fi issues. With a network survey, we’ll identify all problem areas that will need to be fixed during implementation.

Future-proof your business with the right bandwidth

A professionally done site survey means that your network has the right foundation to deliver the bandwidth needed to power your operations.

Fast, consistent wifi so that your business never slows down

A site survey can ensure that wi-fi coverage is consistent across your entire business. This helps our team determine the optimal number and location of wireless access points for optimal signal strength.

So what’s next?

1. Contact us

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2. Solution

Our IT experts will use your information to suggest a solution and arrange a virtual or in-person meeting if you prefer, to go over it.

3. Discussion

In the meeting we’ll answer any questions you might have and discuss how we can best tailor the solution to meet your needs.


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