Free IT Health Check

Free IT Health Check

In light of recent well publicised cyber-attacks, do you know how well prepared your business is against a cyber-attack, technology downtime, security risks & data loss?

How quickly could you recover in the event of a data or security breach?

Unfortunately, cyber criminals are more active now than ever.

“Cyber Security failure is the 4th most dangerous short-term risk to the world”

EIT Solutions Free IT Assessment

Free IT Assessment

Our team of specialists have created a simple IT systems and infrastructure assessment designed to be painless and takes from as little as 30 mins of your time to complete.

Our consultants will step you through the entire assessment process so that you have a complete understanding of the findings, implications, and paths to resolution.

We scan your network and uncover risks related to endpoint health, user accounts, web & dark web exposure, business email compromise, open vulnerabilities, and more.

Our team will provide a confidential and non-invasive method of assessing your current IT posture.

If you are not sure where your current IT systems are from a security point of view – or would just love a second set of eyes run across your network, doing our free IT assessment is the perfect first step to transforming your IT to better serve your business security needs.

EIT Solutions is here to assist. Please feel free to Get in touch for a free consultation.

You’ll be in good company